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About Agape Love Outreach Ministries, Inc.

Agape Love Outreach Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based 501 (c) (3) and Interdenominational Ministry, whose focus is to provide marriage and family enrichment for couples and families who desire a healthy and strong relationship.

In 1999, Reverend Cassandra Carter founded a Women's Ministry called "Women of Virtue" which held a number of workshops to support women. Along with her husband and Co-founder, Deacon Leslie T. Carter, they supported Christian men through the "Jesus Obedient Brethren Ministry" (J.O.B). 

In 2003, the two ministries came together to form the "Agape Love Outreach Ministries, ” which is dedicated to providing Marriage and Family Enrichment for couples and families.

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About Agape Love Counseling Services

Agape Love Counseling Services, is to serve clients who are faced with life's challenges, and experience the Agape Love, that God has for them.

Benefits of Counseling:

Identifying The Problem | Self-Understanding | Peace |Healing

Stability | Enhanced Marital Relationship | Enhanced Family Relationship

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